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Book Review | In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren | Blogmas

December 14th, 2020


| Published: October 2020 by Gallery Books |
| Genre: Holiday Romance |
| Themes: Christmas, time-travel |
| Age: Adult |
| Length: 336 Pages |
| ⭐ ⭐ |

Hi Readers!

After reading this book I’ve come to the conclusion Christina Lauren is very hit or miss for me. As you can see, this book just did not work for me…

What Is It About?

At the end of the Christmas holidays Mae finds out it would be the last Christmas she and her extended family spend at her favourite place, and it definitely wouldn’t go down in history as the best holidays she’s ever spent there.

On the way home, feeling deflated and just as she’s making a wish, she’s involved in a car accident. When she wakes, she finds herself at the start of the holiday again, with a chance for a do-over.

What Did I Think?

There’s nothing worse than finishing a book and feeling as though you’ve wasted your time with it. Unfortunately, that’s how I felt after finishing In A Holidaze.

I loved the concept. It’s very Groundhog Day but festive themed and I just thought there was no way I couldn’t love that. But it did not explore the ‘do-over’ theme nearly enough for me. I suppose I wanted to see more growth from Mae, the main character, who I didn’t particularly like.

But I think the biggest let down for me was the romance. I expected a twist. But I just felt it was all very predictable and unneccesarily complicated. There were definitely some cute moments but seeing as I just never bought or understood their feelings, I guess I never felt fully invested in them.

This was a big disappointment, but it was quick and I guess I’m mainly just annoyed that what I expected to happen, didn’t. That’ll teach me for being so presumptuous.

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X


3 thoughts on “Book Review | In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren | Blogmas

  1. The romance was definitely disappointing. For the first entire half of the book I thought she would end up with the love interest’s little brother (can’t remember the name of either one), but I didn’t really ship Mae with anyone. I thought it was a fun read, but I expected more 😕

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