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TTT | Author I HAVE To Read

April 12th, 2022

Note: Top Ten Tuesday Is A Weekly Meme Hosted by The Artsy Reader

Hi Readers!

This week we’re discussing authors we haven’t read, but really want to. All of these authors have a long list of books they have written that are on my TBR…

Mark Twain – He wrote a wide range of books of all genres, childrens, adult, historical, fantastical. One of his books I’m most intrigued by is a time travel novel set in Arthurian legends!
On My TBR: A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court, Huckleberry Finn

James Baldwin – Out of all of these male writers, I have my highest hopes set in Baldwin and plan on devouring a bunch of his novels this Summer
On My TBR: Giovanni’s Room, If Beale Street Could Talk, Go Tell It On The Mountain

Ernest Hemingway – Now, for completely the opposite reason, I actually don’t think I would enjoy Hemingway, although I am determined to get through at least one book of his. I think his non-fiction might be more my thing.
On My TBR: The Sun Also Rises, A Moveable Feast

Ottessa Moshfegh – I see her books everywhere and I just find them so intriguing. I’ve just never made time for them!
On My TBR: My Year Of Rest and Relaxation

Joyce Carol Oates – The main reason I want to get into Oates is because her readers are fed so well. I swear she releases two books a year!
On My TBR: Blonde, We Were The Mulvaneys

Zadie Smith – This is an author who’s books I just never make time for, which I really need to change.
On My TBR: White Teeth, Swing Time and N-W

Marian Keyes – She’s only recently come onto my raider, but I keep looking at her books and thinking they could be quite enjoyable.
On My TBR: Grownups, The Break

Angela Carter – Confession, I was supposed to read ‘The Bloody Chamber’ in school, but I never did. Big surprise I failed that class. But I was a fool and thought I wouldn’t enjoy her, but now I think her stories sound incredible and I’m itching to get to them.
On My TBR: The Bloody Chamber, The Magic Toyshop

Kate Mosse – I follow her on Twitter and I always see her books around. Since I was young I saw them on the shelves on charity shops and libraries, and I always saw them as ‘books for grownups’. Well, guess what? That’s what I am now! So I would love to read something by her finally.
On My TBR: The Labyrinth, Mistletoe Bride

D.H. Lawrence – His life sounds fascinating, and I do love a banned book and I think at some point or other, all of his were.
On My TBR: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Sons and Lovers

What author do you keep meaning to read?

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X


12 thoughts on “TTT | Author I HAVE To Read

  1. I like your take on this week’s prompt. I haven’t read any of these authors. I was supposed to read Mark Twain in high school, but I didn’t. I should probably rectify that at some point.

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