Book Review | Bridgerton’s Book’s 2-4 by Julia Quinn

January 20th, 2021


| Published: 2000, 2001 & 2002 by Avon |
| Genre: Historical Fiction |
| Sub-Genre: Romance |
| Age: Adult |
| Length: 350-390 Pages |
| ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ |

Hi Readers!

After reading the Duke and I back in December I was so ready to watch the TV show along with everyone else. But I ended up delaying that so I could read three more of the books as I’d heard they spoil who ‘Lady Whistledown’ is in the show and I wanted to learn who that was from the books…

What Are They About?

The Bridgerton’s are a famous aristocratic family in Georgian society and each book follows a different Bridgerton sibling on their journey to finding love.

What Did I Think?

I’ve slowly become quite obsessed with these books and it was quite hard to stop reading at book four. But if I continued they way I have, I wouldn’t get to read anything else this month!

Starting with book 2, The Viscount Who Loved Me, I wasn’t that big a fan and this is probably my least favourite in the series so far. It basically followed the exact same formula as book one. I mean, they’re all pretty similar, but this and The Duke and I really had very few differences. One scene is almost word for word the same and I was worried the books would carry on in this manor.

But then I read An Offer From A Gentleman and that is where my obsession began. The third book in the Bridgerton series is a Cinderella retelling, with a masquerade. It had secrets, forbidden romance and all of the sexual tension. It was a fun time reading this book.

Book four, Romancing Mr Bridgerton, again is different but the same. It successfully had me swooning one page in and kept me reading with the mystery of who Lady Whistledown is, which was revealed in this book and means I can finally begin the Netflix adaptation!

The way to approach these books it to just not take them too seriously. I’m not looking for historical accuracy or to have a deeper understanding of 19th century English society. I don’t care that the writing isn’t great or that they’re a little repetitive or that they cover pretty much every trope under the sun. They’re fun and entertaining and I’ll definitely read more probably in the Summer.

Have you read the Bridgerton novels recently? What are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X

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