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Initial Thoughts On ‘evermore’ by Taylor Swift! | Blogmas

December 11th, 2020


Hi Readers!

Earlier this year Taylor Swift saved 2020 by surprise releasing the album ‘folklore’ giving fans just hours to digest the news and prepare for what would become the best album (imo) of 2020 and a Grammy nominated hit.

She’s only gone and bloody done it again!

Yesterday afternoon I glanced at my phone a noticed a notification, read the first few words and gasped so loudly I scared away the dog. I immediately texted my Mum to let her know Taylor was releasing a second album in 2020!

Honestly I still haven’t fully processed the news and I’m still going to need some time for this album to sink in. But I still wanted to share my initial thoughts and reaction to ‘evermore‘.

Taylor described this as the sister album to ‘folklore’ and it definitely follows similar themes and sounds. It’s another chilled, slow album full of story telling and whimsical lyrics that sweeps you away into the ‘folklorian forest’.

I think this one is a ‘grower’ for me. On the first listen a couple of songs stood out to me but mostly they blurred into one (could also be because it was 5AM and I was tired). I haven’t had much opportunity to listen to it today but I will be playing it on repeat all weekend and I’m excited to see what my final thoughts will be.

Right now, this is my ranking (favourites at top)…

tolerate it
long story short
tis’ the damn season
no body, no crime
champagne problems
coney island
cowboy like me
gold rush

Honestly the last few songs are only there because I just haven’t listened to them enough yet and I’m just not sure how to feel about them. Overall, this was a wonderful surprise. I feel very grateful that all those years ago I chose to stan Taylor Swift.

What are your thoughts on the new album?

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X


7 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts On ‘evermore’ by Taylor Swift! | Blogmas

  1. I’m so amazed by Taylor’s talent! I’ve only been able to listen to the album once, but so far some of my favorite are willow, tolerate it, and no body no cry. But I really need to listen to it a few times more before making up my mind on that โ˜บ๏ธ Though I’m not sure which album I prefer ๐Ÿค”


  2. I think this one will grow on me too. I loved Folklore immediately but it feels like the sound on that album is a little more varied than the ones on Evermore. She’s such a great songwriter though that once read all the lyrics I’m sure I’ll love it. So far No Body No Crime is my fave! It’s so old country and feels like she’s going back to her roots a bit, in a fresh way.

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  3. Still a little bit in shock that Taylorโ€™s gone and done it again. Iโ€™ve done mini reviews/initial thoughts of the songs on my blog but picking a favourite is so hard! Currently itโ€™s probably No Body, No Crime but ahhh itโ€™s tough. Iโ€™m also so glad I chose to stan when I did, took me long enough! (1989 era got me โ˜บ๏ธ)

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