Christmas Gift Ideas For Book Lovers | Blogmas

December 3rd, 2020


Hi Readers!

When it comes to Christmas shopping, are you a planner or a pantser? Are you done by November, or are you one of those whose left it all until Christmas Eve?

Whatever you are, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, or a little something extra, for that bookish person in your life, here’s a list of amazing gifts that would make any bookworm happy.

*All of these images were taken by the items creators


Mug 1: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Book Mug | £18.00

Mug 2: Book Lovers Mug | £9.95

Mug 3: Quentin Blake ‘Book Lover’ Mug | £10.99


Bookmark 1: Personalised Leather Bookmark | £10.99

Bookmark 2: Personalised Handmade Bookmark | £4.25

Literary Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornament 1: Alice In Wonderland | £8.99

Ornament 2: Book Stack | £6.95

Ornament 3: Personalised Book | £10.00


Candle 1: Old Bookshop | £5.99

Candle 2: Reading On A Rainy Day Candle | £11.99

Candle 3: Book Themed Candles | £7.06


T-Shirt: Just One More Chapter | £9.33

Socks: Curl Up With A Good Book | £9.99

Jumper: Sunday Readers Society | £32.00

Wall Art

Print 1: 100 Books Scratch Bucket List | £12.99

Print 2: I Would Rather Bee Reading | £11.12

Print 3: Library Print | £12.00


Pin 1: To Be Read | £10.99

Pin 2: Readers Gonna Read | £7.00

Pin 3: Love Books | £6.37

Beautiful Classics

  • Seasons Edition of Classics
  • Barnes And Noble Leatherbound Edition
  • Puffin Chalk Childrens Classic
  • Folio Society
  • Penguin Clothbound

Hopefully this will help you just a little with your Christmas shopping (or Christmas lists!)

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X

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