Easy DIY Literary Halloween Costumes For Bookworms

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Hi Readers!

Even though there won’t be big Halloween parties or get togethers this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up (and stuff ourselves with candy).

These are some simple costume ideas based on some of our favourite book characters. I really enjoyed trying to find the perfect items for this and I’ve linked to all of them, but these are just easy outfits you can pull together with whatever you have in your wardrobe.

I would also say these aren’t necessarily spooky costumes, but I feel like cosplaying for Halloween has become really popular these past few years. Besides, I feel like 2020 has been scary enough for all of us!

Green Dress – New Look
Black Heels – Dorothy Perkins
Lipstick – Charlotte Tilburry
Nail Polish – Essie
Wig – Ebay

Blue Jumper – Dorothy Perkins
Skirt – H&M
Headband – New Look
Torch – Sports Direct

Grey Jumper – H&M
Pink Cardigan – New Look
Pink Skirt – New Look
Grey Tights – Next
Trainers – New Look
Knecklace – WatchShop

Extras – A hand written love letter.

Blue Dress – New Look
Green Shirt – H&M
Straw Hat – H&M
Black Lace Boots – New Look

Extras – Two braids and freckles

Trousers – New Look
White Jumper – New Look
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – New Look
Magnifying Glass – The Works
Pocketwatch – Etsy
Checkered Headband – Etsy

Extras – A pipe, if you happen to have one lying around!

Blue V-Kneck Jumper – M&S
White Shirt – New Look
Backpack – New Look
Tie – Bows n Ties
Fake Blood – Superdrug

Dress – New Look
Summer Hat – Accessorize
Boots – MandM Direct
Lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury
Earrings – New Look

Yellow Rain Jacket – Trespass
Yellow Wellington Boots – Next
Red & Blue Tights – Amazon
Red T-Shirt – La Redoute
Red Skirt – New Look
Red Bag – Asos
Blue Wig – Ebay
Dragon Fly Hair Clip – Etsy

A Plain White T-Shirt
Long White Apron – Simon Jersey
A Loaf of Bread – lol

This post was a lot of fun to make. I think I’ve found a new favourite hobby of browsing clothing websites, but not actually buying anything. It’s the Covid version of window shopping!

Anyway, I hope this gave you some inspiration for Halloween!

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X

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