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‘Twas The Summer of Nostalgia For Millenials and Gen Z | Exciting Bookish News!

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Hi Readers!

If you haven’t logged into ‘book’ twitter recently you would have been missing out on a lot of exciting things happening that has been making everybody feel about ten years younger.

I’m talking Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc. All of those franchises that were at their height in or around 2010-13, when we were all teenagers or young adults. For a while things have been quiet from them, until recently. And now their fans are reemerging from the depths of the internet in their shared elation.

It’s like all of these authors and creators have seen how hard we find ‘adulting’ and just agreed to make us feel young again. And I for one very much appreciate that.

In case you missed it, here’s some exciting bookish news that’s been announced recently!

Book News!

The Hunger Games Prequel: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

This is out in just three days! Yes, it’s the backstory of a manipulative, power hungry control freak who annually sends children to their death. BUT it could be interesting. I have faith in Suzanne Collins!
Saying that, I am a little nervous that she’s going to try and make us feel sympathy for Snow and I’m just not here for that.

Twilight With a Twist: Midnight Sun

Ever wondered what the heck is going on in the brain of a mind reading, 100 year old vegetarian vampire who’s incapable of not falling in love with the one human he wants to kill the most? Yes? Well, it’s your lucky day because you’re about to find out! This is Twilight told from the POV of Edward Cullen.

TV Show/Movie News!

The Selection: Is Being Made Into A Netflix Movie!

This has been a long time in the making. I think a few years ago they were talking about a TV show but things went quiet again. Now it’s been confirmed we’ll be getting a Netflix adaptation and I am so excited!
Just think of the dresses, the drama, the romance! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

The Grisha Trilogy: Is In Post-Production

We’ve known about this for a while but just in case you missed it, the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo is coming to netflix as a TV show! It doesn’t have a release date but I’m thinking earliest would be beginning 2021? The cast for this is incredible, I especially love whose playing the Darkling…


And I have faith this one will be amazing! Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a sucker for the first PJ film (I just love Logan Lerman okay? (not enough to like Sea of Monsters though that was a hot mess)). It’ll be adapted by Disney+ and I believe Rick Riordan will play a part in it so hopefully that means they finally get it right!

The Infernal Devices: Will Be Adapted By the BBC

This was announced and yes, everyone is sceptical. But I do have hopes as it’s in the hands of the BBC and I think they make great adaptations. I just really hope they don’t screw this up like the other adaptations. (Also looking forward to see who will play Magnus Chase for a third time). We’ve got a long time to wait though as casting hasn’t even been announced yet.

Random Other Stuff

Harry Potter: A Quarentine Audiobook

Well, whoever said self-isolation was gonna be all bad? We’ve been gifted in many ways recently and this is a pretty amazing one? It’s an audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, recorded by stars of the movies. The best bit? The first chapter is narrated by Daniel Radcliffe!


Okay so this isn’t ‘nostalgic bookish news’ but it is the best news EVER and I just had to share it because I am THAT excited about it!
July 3rd, we’re getting the filmed show of Hamilton. With the cast in all it’s original glory! I’m so excited!!!

What bookish news are you most excited about?

Thanks For Reading,
Jess X


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