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Four Ways I Track My Reading

Hi Readers!

Throughout the year we like to track what we’re reading and we all do it in various ways. In 2019 I took my reading tracker to a whole new level and got some great statistics from it which I have shared in this post.

If tracking your reading is something you’re thinking of doing in 2020, here are some of the ways you can do that.


I love goodreads. I feel like it’s every readers best friend because it’s a great source for keeping track of the books you’re reading, the books you want to read and the books you have already read. It’s a place where you can find any info you might need for a book and is also a great place to express your opinion of a book if you don’t have a blog.

Google Spreadsheet

This is for if you want to go the extra mile with your tracking. On this I track what I read and when I read it. But I also like to track other things about the book such as genre, author gender, length, publication date, etc.

I love that it puts my year of reading into numbers so I can look back and see what type of books I leaned towards more and whether there’s anything about my reading habits I’d like to change. If you like a good stat I highly recommend you give this a go.

This year I am using a spreadsheet that was created by Book Roast which you can download here. (Click ‘Create a Copy to use on google docs).

Journal Diagram

I love to keep a journal. It’s a space where I can be a bit more creative and visual with my reading tracker. It’s colourful and would totally work in a bullet journal format. I use it to put the books I read into categories that I might find interesting to look at later on. Here I’ve done page length, genres and star ratings.

Journal Thoughts

This is something I have always done since I started book blogging. This is basically just a notebook where I jot down my thoughts and opinions on books. It’s really handy when it comes to writing a review or wrap up post for that book. I also like to write down my favourite quotes, especially if I’m reading from a borrowed book.

What are some ways you track your reading?

Thanks for reading,

Jess X


2 thoughts on “Four Ways I Track My Reading

  1. The Google spreadsheet is a great idea! I might use this because I sometimes struggle with Goodreads. I find it a bit messy and have started the year by completely deleting every book I had on there are re-starting…

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