10 Moments The ‘Chamber of Secrets’ Movie Missed Out

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The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie is one of the most faithful adaptations of the series. But that doesn’t mean the film had room for absolutely everything. There was definitely some things they left out.

Here are 10 things from the Chamber of Secrets book that were not but should have been in the movie.

Garden Gnomes
– And how they made a game out of throwing them out of the garden!

The Cursed Knecklace in Borgin and Burkes
– The same knecklace Malfoy used in Half-Blood Prince was mentioned in this book when Harry accidentaly turns up at Knockturn Alley. It’s not in the movie but it should have been because it’s one of the many moments that shows just how well J.K. Rowling knew this story and where it was going.

Harry giving Ginny his books
– After Gilderoy insists on gifting Harry his entire collection of books, he gives them to Ginny instead. It just a lovely moment.

The Morning Rush
– The Weasleys scrambling around getting ready to leave for Hogwarts is just too relatable. Nice to know magic doesn’t make some things easier. 

Hermiones crush on Gilderoy Lockhart
– We sort of see this but definitely not to the extent of it in the book. She’s full on in love with him.

Professor Binns
– In the movie it’s Mcgonagall who tells the story of the Chamber of Secrets, but in the book it’s Binns. He’s the History of Magic teacher so it makes more sense that he would know it of the top of his ghostly head.

Hagrid standing up for Harry
– They did film this but it ended up being a deleted scene. Definitely should have made the final cut though. This was the moment Hagrid thought Harry was about to be accused of the same thing he was and the fact he rushed into Dumbledores office is so precious. 

The Death Day Party
– Because who doesn’t want to see a bunch of ghosts celebrating someones day of death?

The story of why Ron hates spiders
– You really can’t blame him for being scared of them after reading it. His brothers really did torture him!

The Harry/Riddell parallel
– Harry asking to stay at Hogwarts for the Summer just as Tom Riddell had.

What do you think should have been included in the movie?

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